CNC Searches – UK’s leading provider of Conveyancing searches and Tenancy reference checks.

About Us –

CNC Searches was founded over 10 years ago, we provide Conveyance Searches to Solicitors, Estate Agents, Conveyancing law firms, Landlords, and Homebuyers throughout England and Wales.

CNC Searches is the leading provider of Conveyance Solutions such as Official and Personal Local Searches, Company and Director Searches. Our clients trust us to complete over 500,000 searches for them every year. In total, we have been a part of over £20,000,000 worth of property transactions.

Our main aim is to assist our clients in their property transactions with our products and services in a timely and professional manner. Moreover, our long-term experience in this field allows us to find successful solutions for our clients ensuring that needs and expectations are met.

Expertise –

CNC Searches is a one-stop-shop for all your Conveyancing needs. Inquiries and the answers to all your questions can be answered by giving us a ring or through our website.

Our expert team members ensure that no search submitted to us is too difficult. We have the ability to work with any boundary and any type of property with confidence and transparency. Such as complex agricultural land, large portfolios, trusts, or unusual projects like pipelines, we have the experience and resources to help.

Size and Support –

We have specialist support for searches in England and Wales. Our strong team is pivotal to our success. We have different teams that are focused on different aspects of customer support, actively chasing searches, answering questions, and working to reduce turnaround times.

Our highly experienced team has worked with the most reputable property solicitors in the industry as well as boutique solicitors. We pride ourselves on providing the exact same service no matter who we work with and the aim is to always exceed expectations.

Reliability –

Conveyancing is a competitive business. We also understand time constraints experienced by those in the property industry. Therefore, we offer to handle your administrative services, transactions can be completed more quickly. And you can concentrate on dealing with the needs of your clients.

For your peace of mind, our searches are covered by a £5 million professional indemnity insurance policy. This guarantees a safe and professional service at all times.

Summary –

At CNC Searches, we have built an enviable reputation for being fast, professional, and detailed. We offer searches throughout all the boroughs and councils in the UK.

97% percent of surveyed users would recommend our services to other solicitors. We have an incomparable level of expertise amongst our team, sharing many years of experience within the field. We aim to produce searches within your required timeframes.

We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. In fact, 98% of calls are answered in 10 seconds, and 90% of inquiries made via email are replied to within 3 hours. Ensuring that we are always on hand to deal with any questions and queries.

What our clients are saying?