Coal Mining and Brine Search

Residential Coal Mining and Brine Search

Even though there may be little or no evidence of historical coal mining or brine pumping, a residential property may still be at risk from subsidence. And this is especially true where a mine shaft hasn’t been properly capped. There’s a real risk that a hole could appear and cause damage to the property.

Likewise, where salt has been extracted after being dissolved in water and pumped out as brine, the property could be at risk of subsidence.

A brine search will reveal details of any brine pumping near a property. And a coal mining search is recommended for all properties on or near known coal fields

Coal Mining and Brine Search from CNC Searches

Our residential coal mining and brine search look at whether your residential property is in an area where coal mining or brine pumping has occurred in the past or is likely to do so in the future. Sometimes licences are awarded for future extractions.

We also look at whether there are any mine entrances that may cause subsidence, or underground coal/brine workings, or whether compensation for subsidence has been paid in the past or repairs carried out.

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