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Other Residential Searches

Mining Searches
If your property is in area that has a history of mining, like an old tin mine or is still being used for mining, it’s at risk of being on unstable ground. And that’s something your mortgage lender will need to know about.

A mining search by CNC Searches will establish the presence of old mines, and the likelihood of a mine being reopened in the future.

Chancel Repair Liability
Some properties in England and Wales have an obligation to pay for certain repairs to a local church, known as chancel repair liability. Since 2013, any information about land that’s bound by this liability has been recorded by the Land Registry and stored on the Title Register database.

A chancel liability search by CNC Searches will let you know if the residential property you’re purchasing lies within the parishes of a church, and whether you’re required to pay the costs of repair.

Commons Registration 
If your property is in a rural area, or it borders a village green or if you’re purchasing agricultural land that has been developed, it’s worth carrying out common registration search in accordance with the Commons Registration Act 1965.

A commons registration report, sometimes known as a common land search, carried out by CNC Searches will see if any part of your land can be used by the local community or if they have a right of access, or if you can obtain planning permission to develop the land. The report will show if your land is subject to rights of common and if it’s registered under the Land Registrations Act.

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