Utility Searches

A Utility Search is a service that locates any buried utilities on a proposed site such as electricity cables, gas pipes, water mains, fibre-optic cables and sewers. The search will provide detailed information on the location and specific kind of utilities that are buried underground on a construction site.

Undertaking utilities due diligence is essential for any project that will involve ground penetration both for new and existing site developments. All Reports include an overview map of the designated area, a summary of the searched utilities and detailed responses from the utility companies that affect the site.

Groundsure Products

Utility Essentials (5 working days*)

Provides detail on the 5 key services – Gas, Electric, Water, Sewage and British Telecom. The Essentials Report is ideal for sites where only the main utility providers are likely to be present or for projects where the availability of utilities needs to be identified.

Sample Report

Utility Premium (10 working days*)

Provides comprehensive information about all services affecting your site including Gas and Oil pipelines, mains Water and Sewage, Telecoms and fiber-optic cables. This Report is ideal for when comprehensive site information is required, ensuring due diligence for your client.

Sample Report

Utility Premium Fast-track (5 working days*)

This Report delivers the same information as the Premium Report, with supplier responses collated and delivered to you within 5 working days.

Sample Report

Landmark Products

Standard service (20 working days)

Premium service (10 working days)

Express service (5 working days)

The Utilities Report provides underground service information relevant to the site, including gas and oil pipelines, electricity cables, telecommunication wires, mains water supplies, sewerage and fibre-optic cables. If the site is in London, the report will also include London Underground service information if relevant.

The report includes a visual overview map of the search area, a summary showing a list of utility companies contacted which have responded along with the various responses from the different utility companies. The responses that are received are separated into ‘Affected’ and ‘Unaffected’ sections to save clients valuable time by not having to go through unaffected responses.

Sample Report

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